Hyperspectral Sensing

Within our hyperspectral sensing category you will find SensIR' range of Hyperspectral Imaging Solutions which deliver high performance hyperspectral imaging solutions ranging from airborne to industrial customers. SenIR's team is a recognized leader in optical system design and manufacturing of robust and innovative spectroscopic imaging solutions. They produce OEM modules for VNIR, SWIR and MWIR applications, Raman spectral imagers, and full turnkey solutions for mineral analysis.

Hyperspectral Sensing - products

532 Raman Hyperspectral

SenIR’s 532 Raman hyperspectral solution allows real-time Raman measurements thanks to its high throughput design, providing scanning capabilities over a 2-inch span with integration time as low as 20 milliseconds.

VNIR hyperspectral cameras

SensIR offers several hyperspectral cameras in the visible – near infrared VNIR (350 – 1000 nm) range.

NIR hyperspectral cameras

SensIR offers several hyperspectral cameras in the near infrared NIR (900nm to 1700nm) range

SWIR hyperspectral cameras

SensIR’s new hyperspectral cameras in the SWIR range (1000 – 2500 nm) has 384 and 640 spatial channel options.

PixelCam Multispectral Camera

PixelCam multispectral cameras provide live imaging of 3-9 spectral bands at video rates. Simultaneous multi-channel “snapshot” acquisition delivers rich, real-time data without scene change or pixel shift.

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