Complete Spectrometer Systems

Our range of complete spectrometer systems includes the full range of Ocean Optics miniature spectrometers, with turn-key, pre-configured models available for specific applications or for increased flexibility, fully user configured models available. Within the pre-configured models Ocean Optics offer spectrometer systems for education and also a diverse range of measurement based systems that are available for specific measurements such as laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), Raman and oxygen sensing to name but a few. Ocean Optics user configured systems are designed to help you find answers reliably, conveniently and in virtually any application. Choose from the high sensitivity QEPro series, the high resolution HR series spectrometers and the revolutionary Flame spectrometer.

Complete Spectrometer Systems - products

Sciencetech Custom Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR)

Browse through Sciencetech's custom FTIR success story.

SCI-LIBS Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is a versatile elemental analysis technique that has been used in many different applications, such as soil analysis, industrial process monitoring, archaeological investigations and space exploration.

Ocean FX Spectrometer

Fast acquisition speed, high sensitivity spectrometer with enhanced communications.

SPS-300 FTIR Terahertz Spectrometer

The SPS-300 from Sciencetech is the most powerful terahertz Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) available in the mid and far infrared range.

Aryelle Series Spectrometer

Aryelle wide range spectrographs

The Aryelle series of spectrometers from LTB are high resolution echelle spectrometers that can generate spectra of relatively arbitrary dimension with high wavelength stability, spectral resolution and radiation throughput.

Ocean Optics MZ5 ATR-MIR Spectrometer

The Ocean MZ5 is a miniature ATR spectrometer with measurement capabilities from 1818-909 cm-1 (5.5-11 µm).

Flame Spectrometer

The Flame spectrometer from Ocean Optics offers high thermal stability and user interchangeable slits.

Asynchronous Optical Sampling System


In time resolved measurements an ultrafast pulse triggers a reaction and a second pulse takes a snapshot of the induced change. By shifting the arrival time of the probe pulse with respect to the pump pulse the stimulated process can be followed in time.

TERA K15 THz TDS Spectrometer

K15 THz Spectrometer

Menlo Systems' complete solution for broadband THz time-domain spectroscopy and imaging. This all-fiber design ensures high performance and flexibility in both reflection and transmission geometries.

TERA OSCAT THz Spectrometer


The brand new TERA OSCAT is an all-fiber THz spectrometer for fast data acquisition, and is based on the novel OSCAT (Optical Sampling by Cavity Tuning) technique. It enables THz time-domain spectroscopy without any external delay line.

Systems for Education

Systems for Education

Ocean Optics offers a number of small footprint, computer based spectrophotometers designed for professors, teachers and others who use spectroscopy as a teaching tool. You can now choose from FLAME-CHEM, Chem-4 or low cost, fully preconfigured, off-the-shelf Red Tide spectrometers.

Measurement Based Spectrometers

Measurement Based Spectrometers

Ocean Optics offer a range of complete turn-key spectrometers configured for either specific measurements techniques, such as fluorescence, or specific applications such as Raman and oxygen sensing.

HR Series Spectrometers

HR Series Spectrometers

HR series high resolution spectrometers from Ocean Optics.

STS Series Spectrometers

STS Microspectrometer

Ocean's STS series of microspectrometers are remarkably small complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) based units that are lightweight, less than 50mm square, yet provide full spectral analysis with low stray light and high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

TEO-200 Benchtop FTIR Spectrometer

The TEO-200 benchtop Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer is a low cost spectrometer that employs a number of unique features to achieve high performance from such a compact size. At just 385x265x160mm, it is one of the most compact FTIR systems on the market today.

HDX Spectrometer

The newest addition to Ocean Optics' spectrometer family. This is a powerful spectrometer in a small package with unique performance and specification.

Flame Near Infrared Spectrometer

Combining the small size of the Flame optical bench with a new uncooled indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) detector, the Flame near infrared (NIR) spectrometer opens a new frontier in NIR spectroscopy.

TERA K8 THz TDS Spectrometer

K8 THz Spectrometer

Menlo Systems' complete solution for broadband THz time-domain spectroscopy and imaging. This open-platform design uses free-space optics for laser pulses around 780nm, thereby offering a flexible approach for scientific applications.

Maya2000 Pro Deep Ultraviolet Spectrometer

Maya UV spectrometers

Ocean Optics Maya2000 series of miniature, high sensitivity spectrometers are particularly suited to low light level, ultraviolet (UV) sensitive applications such as fluorescence, DNA sequencing and Raman analysis.

QE Pro High Performance Spectrometer


The QE Pro high performance spectrometer is the most sensitive spectrometer Ocean Optics has ever developed.

NIRQuest Near Infrared Spectrometer

Ocean Optics NIRQuest

The NIRQuest is a spectrometer from Ocean Optics for the near infrared (NIR) range 850-2500nm.

Ventana Series Spectrometers

Ventana spectrometers are high throughput, high sensitivity benchtop instruments for your lab and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) environments. They are a great choice for Raman analysis and fluorescence measurements, offering short integration times for fast measurements.

Spectrometer Overview

Spectrometer Overview

Ocean Optics range of spectrometers in overview format, with main specifications listed.

Elias Series Spectrometers

Elias Spectrometers

The Elias series of emission line analysing spectrometer from LTB are echelle spectrometers with an extremely high resolution capability. They are used for the highly resolving spectral measurement of emission and absorption lines, particularly laser lines.

waveScan Spectrometer

WaveScan USB Spectrometer

The waveScan spectrometer from APE is as easy to use, cost-effective device for spectral analysis of continuous wave (CW) and modelocked laser systems.

THz Antennae and Components

THz Antennae

Terahertz antennas (and components) complete our THz product portfolio from Menlo Systems. We offer photoconductive antennas made for excitation wavelengths of 800 nm, 1000 nm, and 1500 nm. On the component side we offer optimized mechanical holders as well as THz lenses.

HARPIA Transient Absorption Spectrometer

HARPIA Transient Absorption Spectrometer

Transient absorption spectrometer HARPIA is an instrument for measuring femtosecond transient absorption spectra and kinetics.

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