Light Sources

Our Light Sources product range offers a comprehensive range of broad band Xenon, Mercury and Halogen lamps that are ideal for fluorescence, spectroscopy and general illumination applications. If you are looking for a flexible tunabel light source then look no further than Sciencetech's highly modular TLS system.

Light Sources - products

Tunable Light Sources

Sciencetech couples their capabilities in light source manufacture and spectroscopy allowing the manufacture of complete systems such as tunable light sources. Their expertise extends to solar simulators which are broad band light sources with specific spectral and radiante intensity properties.

Sciencetech Custom Light Source

Browse through Sciencetech's custom light source success story.

Research Grade Xenon Arc Lamp Sources 3-7kW

Sciencetech have lamp housing for high powered lamps.

Research Grade Xenon Arc Lamp Sources 75-300W

Sciencetech has a variety of xenon arc lamp sources. Choose from elliptical, parabolic or spherical reflectors optimised for lamp powers ranging from 75-300W.

Research Grade Xenon Arc Lamp Sources 500-1600W

Sciencetech offers a selection of arc lamp sources for research applications. Short arc lamps are high pressure discharge lamps. These lamps are especially suitable for optical applications because of their high radiance and luminance.

Deuterium Arc Lamp Sources

Sciencetech's specialised arc light sources include deuterium lamps and dual source deuterium and quartz tungsten halogen (QTH) light sources.

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