Raman Spectrometers

In our raman spectroscopy portfolio we offer Lightnovo's range of raman spectrometers that incoporate their patented mirrorless technology. Lightnovo’s mission is to become the leading developer and provider of Raman spectroscopy and Raman microscopy solutions for research-grade, industrial and consumer applications. Their MiniRaman spectrometer is the World's smallest portable raman spectrometer.

Raman Spectrometers - products

MiniRaman spectrometer

miniRaman is the World's smallest Raman spectrometer with high sensitivity for the most sophisticated Raman applications. Featuring a patented, reference channel, this technology allows for an automatic calibration of the unstabilised laser wavelength drift. 

RG Raman Spectrometer

RG Raman is an extremely compact research=grade Raman spectrometer that is perfectly suited to any kind of demanding Raman spectroscopy applications that requires high spectral resolution, extremely stable laser power, high sensitivity and broad spectral range (from low frequency to high frequency Raman shift).

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