Continuous Solar Simulators

We offer CW solid-state LED Solar Simulators from G2V Optics and state-of-art Xenon solar simulators. Solar simulators produce high intensity, uniform illumination on a target area. Typically, high power solar simulators use an ellipsoidal reflector to capture light from an arc lamp source inside the reflector, an arrangement that results in a light pattern with a bright outer region and a dark center.

Continuous Solar Simulators - products

Pico - Small Area LED Solar Simulator

Precisely Replicate Terrestrial or Extraterrestrial Solar Spectra with the Click of a Button.

Sunbrick - Large Area LED Solar Simulator

A Large Area LED Solar Simulator Fit For Any Space, Harness High-Precision Solar Simulation.

Fiberised Solar Simulators - LightLine Series

The Sciencetech LightLine series of fiberized solar simulators are a revolution in the solar simulator industry. With the LightLine you can direct the Class AAA solar light anywhere you wish with the standard 4 foot fiber.

Ultra High Efficiency Solar Simulators - UHE-NL and NS Series

The UHE-NS and UHE-NL solar simulators are turn key operation class AAA solar simulators designed for either downward facing or horizontal beam operation.

Ultra High Efficiency Class AAA Solar Simulator - UHE-33 and UHE-45 Series

Sciencetech is proud to offer the new line of ultra high efficiency (UHE) solar simulators. By utilising a completely new design for the beam homogenizer, the UHE systems are capable of far more efficiency and power than previously possible.
This all possible without sacrificing temporal stability, spatial uniformity, or spectral matching.

Large Area Solar Illuminator (LASI)

Each large area solar illuminator (LASI) unit measures 0.5x0.5x1.6m and consists of a light source and beam homogeniser, as well as the power supply and necessary infrared filter to adjust to the solar spectrum.

Small Collimated Beam Solar Simulators

Photonic Solutions is proud to offer low cost solar simulator systems, based on small area lenses, manufactured by Sciencetech. There are two lines available: SF and SciSun of solar simulators that produce up to 2 suns (AM1.5G) and class A uniformity over 1" and 2" diameters or square area, depending on the selected model.

Ultraviolet Application Solar Simulator

Sciencetech is proud to offer its line of fully reflective solar simulators with ultraviolet UV filters to match COLIPA and USFDA standards for the 280—400nm range. These solar simulators are suitable for sun protection factor (SPF) testing, photobiology, and other UV applications.

Fully Reflective Solar Simulator - SS Series

Sciencetech manufactures high power versions of class AAA fully reflective solar simulators. Sciencetech’s proprietary fully reflective design uses metal coated mirrors and passes the whole spectrum, no compromise.

Small Area Workstations

Sciencetech offers complete benchtop solar simulator systems in the SL series lens based designs. SL series solar simulators can produce 1 sun or more (with an AM filter) and are available in class A or B uniformity. The target size varies by model number.

Highly Collimated Solar Simulators

This solar simulator is based on a Fresnel lens to collimate the light beam from the arc lamp source to infinity, which results in highly collimated illumination of the target spot.

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