Laser Service and Support

We ensure that any laser system supplied by us is comprehensively supported by our own factory-trained specialists for the lifetime of the system. With our headquarters based in Edinburgh, we are ideally placed to offer quick response times to any UK and Ireland site, and our five PhD-qualified specialist service engineers are available to make regular visits to check system performance and provide additional user training when necessary.
The full portfolio of laser we support is listed below.

Laser Service and Support - products

Light Conversion Ultrafast Lasers Service and Support

Light Conversion Ltd

We are the UK sales, service and support hub for Light Conversions' ultrafast laser systems including PHAROS, CARBIDE, ORPHEUS and the highly acclaimed TOPAS systems as well as the HARPIA spectrometer systems.

Nd:YAG Support

Nd:YAG Laser - Compact Minilite

Photonic Solutions are the UK and Ireland service and support centre for a range of  pulsed nanosecond Nd:YAG lasers, from a number of key manufacturers

Service Manufacturers

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