Spare Parts and Consumables

It is important to us that our customers can keep their laser systems running 24/7 so we keep the major components in stock at our facility here in Edinburgh. This minimizes any potential down time, be it from your flashlamp coming to its natural end of life, or the need to replace a component as part of a repair. Most consumables can be ordered from our webshop:

Spare Parts and Consumables - products

Sirah and Radiant Dye Filter

Dye Filter

FS dye filter from Sirah

Exciton Laser Dyes

Exciton Laser Dyes

Exciton specialises in supplying the highest quality and range of laser dyes. The laser dyes cover a wide spectral range and provide the optimum lasing efficiency for a given mode of excitation.

Continuum Laser De-ionised Water Filter

De-ionised Water Filter

De-ionising water filters for use on the full range of Continuum lasers.

Continuum Flashlamps


Replacement flashlamps for the full range of Continuum lasers.

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