Q-smart 850 pulsed Nd:YAG LaserQ-smart 850 pulsed Nd:YAG Laser

Photonic Solutions has been supplying laser systems and optoelectronic components to the research and industrial market since 1999.

We are the appointed UK and Ireland distributor for over 20 of the world's leading manufacturers of lasers and associated products.


Lasers have always been the core of our business. Whether it is scientific, OEM or an industrial application we’ll be able to find the optimal laser for your needs. Within our extensive offering you can find: Nd:YAG Lasers, CW / Pulsed diode lasers, Ultrafast Lasers, DPSS Lasers, Helium Neon (HeNe) lasers, Argon Ion LasersPulsed Gas Lasers (excimer, nitrogen, etc)Dye Lasers, Industrial Fiber Lasers.


Spectrometers are a rapidly growing part of our business. We offer a comprehensive range of Modular Spectroscopy Equipment, to turn-key miniature Spectrometers. As well as complete systems we offer spectroscopy components: Photon Counting Equipment, Time Correlated Single Photon Counting Equipment and Light Sources along with Spectrographs.


We can offer complete multi-photon microscope solutions for in-vivo imaging applications together with an extensive range of lasers for integration into both confocal and 2-photon laser scanning microscopes.


To complete the range of complementary products for use with any laser system we offer a wide range of laser accessories, including a full range of Laser Dyes, Laser Safety Eyewear and Laser Optics.

We offer a diverse range of Detectors covering the full spectral range. From simple SiliconGaAsInGaAs and Cadmium Mercury Telluride detectors to complete detector heads for single photon counting application.

You can find our full product offering in the categories: Lasers, Spectrometers, Microscopy and Accessories, or by specific manufacturer, or simply by typing the product you are looking for in search box.

To find matching products for your application, use our Application Search on the right side of the page.
If any of our standard products do not meet your exact technical requirements then we can configure and supply custom designed systems that are specifically tailored to your application.

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