Oxide Frequad-M 

FQM-10: 1W, FQM-07: 0.7W, FQM-05: 0.5W, FQM-03: 0.3W

266nm CW UV Laser from Oxide

Product Overview

CW 266 nm DUV Laser Frequad Series is composed of deep-ultraviolet (DUV) wavelength (266 nm) continuous wave (CW) single-frequency wavelength conversion lasers which have more than 20 years of history. Stable CW laser operation has been enabled by OXIDE’s highly reliable wavelength-conversion crystals and precision voice coil motors (VCMs)
achieved by proprietary high-speed servo-locking technology. According to the output desired, three types (Frequad-HP, Frequad-M, and Frequad-C) are available.

Frequad-W is a newly introduced 213 nm wavelength model that generates stable and long-life CW laser operation enabled by the incorporated wavelength conversion crystals and the servo-locking technology developed with our 266 nm Frequad Series.


High Damage Threshold BBO Wavelength Conversion Crystal.

The outstanding quality of OXIDE’s own BBO crystal provides over 3000 hours single-spot lifetime at 1 W output power, and over 1000 hours at 2 W.

Furthermore, the little deterioration of the crystal assures stable motion for a long period of time at high beam quality.

Highly sophisticated servo-lock technology

OXIDE’s unique high-speed, high-precision voice coil motor (VCM) servo actuator offers stable CW operation of laser.

Low power consumption
The highly efficient wavelength conversion laser system realized extremely low power consumption – less than 340 W.


• Semiconductor inspection
• Photoemission spectroscopy
• UV microscope
• UV Raman spectroscopy
• FBG writing

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This product is manufactured by Oxide.

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