Sunbrick - Large Area LED Solar Simulator

A Large Area LED Solar Simulator Fit For Any Space, Harness High-Precision Solar Simulation.

Using advanced LED-driven illumination, the Sunbrick makes large-area solar simulation quick and easy. LED technology eliminates the need for bulb replacement or field calibration. With minimal warm-up time, you get operational faster, whether you need the standard AM1.5G spectrum or a specifically-requested calibration like AM0. Need to scale up your project? The Sunbrick can accommodate a wide range of working areas with its modular design capability. 

Whether you need sunlight in a confined space or in your entire testing facility, the Sunbrick can provide the high-quality solar simulation solution you need.

Available in 4 configurations, all Class AAA:

  • BASE - 400-1100nm Spectral Range
  • BASE UV - 350-1200nm Spectral Range
  • BASE NIR - 400-1500nm Spectral Range
  • BASE NIR - 400-1500nm Spectral Range, Boosted Power


  • Programmable spectra
  • Tileable large areas
  • Spectral precision
  • LED-driven illumination



This product is manufactured by G2V Optics.

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