UHFLI 600 MHz Lock-in Amplifier

The Zurich Instruments UHFLI is a digital lock-in amplifier that covers the frequency range from DC to 600 MHz. In addition to providing the highest operation frequency among all commercial lock-in amplifiers, the UHFLI offers the lowest time constant of 30 ns for demodulation – resulting in a demodulation bandwidth that exceeds 5 MHz.

In combination with the widest choice of available options and the instrument control software LabOne, the UHFLI is the flagship of all Zurich Instruments products and represents the state of the art of today's scientific instrumentation.


  • 600 MHz operation frequency
  • 2 independent lock-in units
  • 2 high-performance signal generators
  • 4 independent harmonics per lock-in unit
  • High-resolution 12-bit scope with 65k samples
  • Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA)
  • FFT Spectrum Analyzer
  • LabOne® toolset


The Zurich Instruments UHFLI is a ultra-high-frequency dual channel lock-in amplifier that sets the industry standard in terms of frequency range, demodulation bandwidth, integrated tool set and control software. To meet the requirements of the most demanding applications the basic instrument functionality can be extended with the following options:

  • UHF-BOX Boxcar Averager
  • UHF-AWG Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • UHF-DIG Digitizer
  • UHF-MF Multi-frequency
  • UHF-PID Quad PID/PLL Controller
  • UHF-MOD AM/FM Modulation
  • UHF-CNT Pulse Counter

These options are upgradeable in the field. For applications that require a high-accuracy frequency reference the UHF-RUB Rubidium atomic clock is available as a hardware option.


UHFLI Datasheet


This product is manufactured by Zurich Instruments.

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