MFLI 500 kHz / 5 MHz Lock-in Amplifier

The Zurich Instruments MFLI is a digital lock-in amplifier that covers the frequency range from DC to 500 kHz (and up to 5 MHz when upgraded). Thanks to its embedded data and web servers, the MFLI can be used directly with any device running a web browser without further software installations.

The MFLI Lock-in Amplifier uses the latest hardware and software technologies to bring the benefits of high performance digital signal processing to lock-in amplifiers at low and medium frequencies. Incorporating Zurich Instruments’ unique LabOne control software, you can now experience the usability and power previously only available with our higher frequency products.


  • DC - 500 kHz, 60 MSa/s, 16 bits
  • Optional upgrade to 5 MHz
  • Current and differential voltage inputs
  • AC line and DC supply (battery) operation
  • USB 2.0 and 1 GbE high-speed connections
  • Plug & Play with embedded LabOne® Web Server
  • LabOne toolset including Scope, Sweeper, and Spectrum Analyzer


The MFLI covers the frequency ranges DC to 500 kHz or DC to 5 MHz. In case your requirements change, use the MF-F5M upgrade option to extend the frequency range from 500 kHz to 5 MHz. The other upgrade options are:

  • MF-MD Multi-demodulator
  • MF-IA Impedance Analyzer
  • MF-PID Quad PID/PLL controller
  • MF-MOD AM/FM Modulation
  • MF-DIG Digitizer

All of these options are upgradeable in the field without sending the instrument back to Zurich.


MFLI Datasheet


This product is manufactured by Zurich Instruments.

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