SPIDER Photodetector

SPIDER (Single-PIxel DEtectoR) is an amplified Si-InGaAs photodetector with programmable gain and an embedded 24bit data acquisition system. The employed two-color detector provides a straightforward beam alignment and a wide spectral response, ranging from 320nm to 1700nm.

SPIDER has been designed to work either standalone or connected to a PC.


The amplified analog signals coming from the Si and InGaAs channels can be directly read with two BNC connectors.

The gain for both channels can be easily selected by pressing the proper button on the back of the device, and reading the corresponding settings on the built-in OLED display.

Connected to a PC.

When SPIDER is connected to a computer via USB, it can be fully controlled by a customizable user interface based on a user-friendly DLL.

Thanks to the embedded 24bit data acquisition system, the Si and InGaAs analog outputs are simultaneously digitalized up to 120 kSPS – 24bit and sent to the computer to be visualized in real time.

SPIDER also includes 3 GPIO pins (general purpose input output) which can be used to generate or read digital signals. This allows the SPIDER to control simple external device (e.g. shutter open/closed) and read a start/stop acquisition signal (e.g. external trigger).

The SPIDER can be naturally coupled with the GEMINI Interferometer, to obtain a 320-1700 nm Spectrometer.


  • 320 - 1700 nm Spectral Range
  • 1.5kΩ to 4.4MΩ 8 Programmable Gains
  • up to 56 kHz Bandwidth
  • 24 bit, up to 120 kSPS/ch Embedded 2 channels ADC
  • 2 BNCs Independent Analog Outputs
  • 3 GPIOs Digital input-output pins



This product is manufactured by NIREOS.

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