532 Raman Hyperspectral

SenIR’s 532 Raman hyperspectral solution allows real-time Raman measurements thanks to its high throughput design, providing scanning capabilities over a 2-inch span with integration time as low as 20 milliseconds.

SensIR is known for pushing the limit. This 532nm Raman is an F/.95 spectrograph design using an EMCCD camera to capture every photon. 1024 spatial channels available at 6cm-1 spectral resolution. Integration times as low as 20 msec allowing realtime scanning Raman over a 2” span at 250mm standoff.


  • Size 75x150x150mm
  • Weight 4kg
  • Andor iXon888 camera, 13μm pixel size
  • Spectral range 50-200cm-1
  • Excitation Laser 532nm @ 100mW
  • Spectral Sampling 2cm-1/pixel
  • Spatial Sampling 1024 pixels
  • Spectral Resolutions 5cm-1, 25μm slit
  • Image Size (mm) 17.3 spectral x 13.3 spatial
  • Spot Size RMS spot size <10μm
  • F# 0.95
  • Slit Size 12mm tall x 0.5mm width
  • Optical Input Telecentric
  • Grating Efficiency 80% @ 600nm


This product is manufactured by SensIR.

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