SWIR hyperspectral cameras

SensIR’s new hyperspectral cameras in the SWIR range (1000 – 2500 nm) has 384 and 640 spatial channel options.

For other bandwidth and spatial channel options, please consult us for the optimum solution for your application.


  • Size 75x150x170mm
  • Weight 2000grams
  • 640x512 pixels camera, 15μm pixel size
  • Spectral range 1000nm-2500nm
  • Dispersion 156nm/nm
  • Spectral Sampling 2.34nm/pixel
  • Spatial Sampling 500 pixels
  • Spectral Resolutions 7nm, 50μm slit
  • Image Size (mm) 9.6 spectral x 7.6 spatial
  • Spot Size RMS spot size <10μm
  • F# 2
  • Slit Size 7mm tall x 0.5mm width
  • Optical Input Telecentric
  • Grating Efficiency 85% @ 1750nm


This product is manufactured by SensIR.

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