NIR hyperspectral cameras

SensIR offers several hyperspectral cameras in the near infrared NIR (900nm to 1700nm) range

SensIR offers NIR cameras with high spatial resolution, distortion free image, and high frame rate InGaAs camera options. Customized spectral cameras are available; please consult us for the optimum solution for your application.


  • Size 50x50x170mm
  • Weight 1000grams
  • 320x256 pixels camera, 30μm pixel size
  • Spectral range 900nm-1700nm
  • Dispersion 112nm/nm
  • Spectral Sampling 3.36nm/pixel
  • Spatial Sampling 300 pixels
  • Spectral Resolutions 6nm, 50μm slit
  • Image Size (mm) 7.6 spectral x 9.6 spatial
  • Spot Size RMS spot size <10μm
  • F# 2
  • Slit Size 9mm tall x 0.5mm width
  • Optical Input Telecentric
  • Grating Efficiency 85% @ 1300nm


This product is manufactured by SensIR.

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