OneFive KATANA HP High Power Picosecond laser


The KATANA HP is the laser of choice for high power, picosecond pulses in the yellow and infrared. In the standard configuration, the KATANA HP provides pulses of 700 ps duration and a pulse repetition rate of 20-80 MHz.

The KATANA HP is the depletion laser of choice for super-resolution STED fluorescence microscopy, for which application it can also provide a complete solution when combined with the SuperK Extreme. With visible and infrared outputs optimum for STED, the laser pulse can be triggered from an external source (in either master or slave mode) and offers continuous tuning of the repetition rate between 20MHz and 80MHz. 


  • Available wavelength range: 512-532 nm, 556-660 nm, 775 nm, 1012-1320 nm, 1550 nm
  • Available pulse duration range: <10 ps - 10 ns
  • Available average power range: 1W - 14W
  • Available pulse energy range: >1uJ - 100nJ
  • External laser triggering
  • Continuously tunable repetition rate
  • Master/Slave operation
  • Pulse-on-Demand up to 100MHz
  • Diffraction-limited beam
  • Fiber output, armored PM or SM fiber
  • Maintenance-free 24/7 operation
  • Lightweight

Product Description

Master and Slave operation

The KATANA HP unique design allows operation in master or slave configurations to provide extreme flexibility to users. 

Robust and maintenance-free 

The KATANA HP has been designed with maintenance-free 24/7 industrial operation in mind to eliminate down-time and cost of ownershipNo alignment is required making the KATANA maintenance-free and ensures you a low cost of ownership.

Generate pulses of arbitrary amplitude

The KATANA can operate in burst-mode, which allows generation of pulses of arbitrary amplitude and sequence.

Flexible output
Choose the output that suits the application: Isolator or collimator, single-mode or polarization maintaining fiber.


OneFive Katana HP picosecond laser datasheet


This product is manufactured by NKT Photonics.

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