ATP8000 Series Near Infrared Spectrometers

ATP8000 Near Infrared Spectrometer

Optosky's ATP8000 series of miniature optical fiber spectrometers is designed for 900-2600nm, using either 256 or 512 (HR versions) pixel cooled InGaAs arrays. The resulting low noise gives almost twice the SNR of competitive devices.

The ATP8000 spectrometer is a high performance optical bench with a choice of grating and detector options, making it ideal for a wide range of near infrared applications.

A range of configurations is available, covering various ranges between 900 and 2600nm. They are ideal for applications ranging from analysing moisture content in food and beverage products to analysing trace metals in waste water.

Available configurations are: 900-1700nm, 900-2100nm or 900-2600nm (all with either 256 or 512 element InGaAs array) and a choice of 10μm, 25μm, 50μm, 100μm or 200μm entrance slits.  Custom configurations are also available.


  • 256/512 pixel InGaAs Array
  • Spectral range: 900-2600nm (custom ranges available)
  • Ultra-low noise, dual-sampling PCB
  • Optical resolution: 5-50nm (dependent on spectral range and entrance slit width)
  • Integration time: 7.8ms-256s
  • ADC resolution: 18bit
  • ADC sampling rate: 500KHz



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Food sorting
  • Waste water detection
  • Agricultural water content, protein, fat, fiber detection
  • Paper sorting
  • Solar cell detection
  • NIR laser characterisation


This product is manufactured by Optosky.

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