ATP1000 Series Spectrometers

ATP1000 Microspectrometer

Optosky's ATP1000 microspectrometers are remarkably small CMOS based units that are lightweight and ultra-compact (45×40×24 mm3). They are a highly reliable, ultra-high-speed, cost-effective solution that can be adapted for various environmental applications such as on-line testing.

The standard ATP1000 is available in a variety of configurations with spectral ranges of 200-400nm, 350-810nm, 200-850nm or 200-1000 nm. Custom configurations are also available. These are ideal for UV, visible, and near-infrared spectroscopy applications where space and budget are tight.

The ATP1000 can accept optical fiber input or free-space input from the SMA905 interface, measure it according to the set integration time, and output the measurement result via USB2.0 (high speed) or UART.

Also available is the UV enhanced ATP1010, offering a 20-fold increase in UV response. Spectral ranges of 200-1000nm, 350-810nm, 600-800nm, 800-1000 nm or custom configurations are available.


  • 200-1100nm spectral range
  • Detector:
    • 1204 pixel linear CMOS detector (ATP1000)
    • 512 pixel linear CMOS detector (ATP1010)
  • 16 bit ADC resolution
  • Available with slit width of 5μm, 10μm, 25μm, 50μm, 100μm, 150μm or 200μm
  • Optical resolution:
    • ATP1000: 0.5-5nm (dependent on slit and spectral range) 
    • ATP1010: 0.2-5nm (dependent on slit and spectral range)



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • LED sorting
  • Multi-parameter water quality monitoring
  • Colour measurement
  • Micro-volume spectrometer
  • UV gas measurement
  • Spectral analysis, radiometry
  • Fluorescence;
  • Reflection, transmission measurements


This product is manufactured by Optosky.

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