LIBSlab - laser induced breakdown spectroscopy

Modular and compact laboratory analyzer for the qualitative and quantitative multi-elemental analysis with LIBS.

The LIBSlab (LIBS laboratory) is a modular and easy to use analyzer that can be customized by individually combining the modules sample chamber, spectrometer, laser as well as PC and software by means of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS).

Sample chamber module: the LIBSpector is a versatile and compact sample chamber for the spatially resolved LIBS analysis of solid, liquid and gaseous materials. It features online video monitoring and a motorized XYZ stage for sample mapping which is controlled by the supplied joystick. The sealed laser class 1 housing with laser protection window for observation, door interlock and exhaust flange provide a safe use. No additional laser safety precautions are therefore required at installation site. The optimized optical setup of the chamber model µ-LIBSpector for µ-LIBSlab provides a highly reduced laser spot size on the sample surface.

Spectrometer module: choose a compact and high-resolution echelle spectrometer from the ARYELLE or DEMON series that feature high spectral sensitivities und excellent imaging qualities. In combination with different CCD, EMCCD, ICCD or CMOS detectors the optical fiber coupled spectrometer provides a wide range of customer applications especially for the simultaneous detection of the LIBS emission spectrum from the UV to the NIR range.

Laser module: for LIBS plasma generation, various Nd:YAG and excimer lasers with different wavelengths and pulse energies. Depending on the size, the laser head can be integrated in the laser class 1 housing of the LIBSpector.

PC and software: the operating and analysis software Sophi provides access to all device functions of the spectrometer-detector unit, the LIBSpector and laser via laptop or PC-based user interface. The implemented Pascal script-based control allows the automzation of recurring LIBS measuring and evaluation procedures.


  • Qualitative and quantitative multi-elemental analysis
  • For solid, liquid and gaseous samples
  • Almost non-destructive
  • No sample preparation necessary
  • Short measurement times
  • Sample mapping



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Laboratory measuring instrument in benchtop design
  • Qualitative and quantitative multi-elemental analysis
  • Quality control in test laboratories
  • Gemstone analysis
  • For scientific and industrial applications


This product is manufactured by LTB Lasertechnik Berlin.

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