LLTF Tunable High Contrast Filter

LLTF Contrast

The LLTF Contrast is a continuously tunable high-resolution bandpass filter that effectively converts an NKT Photonics’ supercontinuum source into a widely tunable picosecond laser. The filter transmits - with high efficiency - a single laser line while blocking unwanted lines with excellent out-of-band suppression.

The LLTF Contrast is a non-dispersive filter maintaining the intrinsic single-mode beam quality of the supercontinuum laser enabling a wide range of applications. With two wavelength tuning options, Visible and NIR, the full spectrum of the supercontinuum can be covered.

Choose from model VIS HP8 offering wavelength filtering from 400-1000 nm with <2nm bandpass, or model SWIR HP8 offering wavelength filering from 1000 -2300nm with <5nm bandpass.


  • Single channel tunable band-pass filter
  • VIS HP8 400-1000nm wih 2nm bandpass
  • SWIR HP8 1000-2300nm with <5nm bandpass
  • 60dB out-of-band suppression
  • Narrow line-width and high resolution
  • Wideband tuning range across the visible and near-infrared range


LLTF Contrast Datasheet


This product is manufactured by NKT Photonics.

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