uniMir - Single Mode DFB QCL/Broadband Fabry Perot QCL

The uniMir product line offers single mode Quantum Cascade Lasers (single mode DFB QCL) or broadband lasers (Fabry Perrot) between 4µm – 10µm (2500cm-1 – 1000cm-1). uniMir lasers operate at room temperature, without a cryogenic system, in pulsed or continuous wave emission.

mirSense uses the well-known Distributed Feedback (DFB) effect and a unique patented approach to achieve single frequency sources. This technology uses top metal grating to provide the feedback in the cavity allowing versatility, reproducibility and stability in wavelengths.

uniMir devices can be delivered with standard butterfly or HHL packages on demand. Both packages have integrated thermistance and a Peltier element for the thermal regulation of the laser. Collimated beams are also proposed for an easier integration in your optical system.


  • Single Mode
  • Wavelength 4µm – 10µm (2500cm-1 – 1000cm-1)
  • Pulsed (QCW) or Continuous (CW)
  • Linewidth 0.001 cm-1 (CW)/ < 1.5 cm-1 (QCW)
  • Room temperature operation without a cryogenic system
  • Butterfly (BTF) or HHL package


Wavelength (cm-1)








Amonia (NH3)

1272-1305 QCW <5mW

Nitrous Oxide (N2O)

1315-1380 QCW <5mW Methane (CH4)
1344-1356 CW <5mW Methane (CH4)
1396-1402 QCW <5mW Sulfur trioxide (SO3)
1622-1650 QCW <5mW
1726-1795 CW >60mW Formaldehyde (H2CO), Water (H2O)
1746-1825 QCW <10mW Formaldehyde (H2CO), Water (H2O)
1855-1945 QCW <5mW Nitric Oxide (NO)
1955-1976 CW <5mW
2180-2392 QCW <5mW Carbon dioxide (CO2)
2222-2259 CW 5mW-10mW Carbon monoxide (CO)
2269-2312 CW 5mW-10mW



This product is manufactured by mirSense.

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