Falcon - 5mJ

Ultra compact diode-pumped pulsed 1.57 µm laser, OEM version.

Product Description

The Falcon laser series was built for rugged applications and unpredictable environments where temperature and vibration would destroy most commercial lasers. A proprietary design, the Falcon provides eye-safe wavelengths in a compact yet robust package. Designed for battery operation in hand-held and mobile applications, this DPSS Nd:YAG laser features maintenance free operation for years of hard use.


  • DPSS OPO for eye safe wavelength
  • Internal temperature compensation for reliable performance in real world applications
  • OPO designed for dependable (consistent) performance in commercial applications
  • Sealed laser housing design for exposure to harsh environments
  • Battery operation compatible - perfect for handheld applications
  • Custom designed electronics may be available upon request to meet your design requirements
  • Proven drop-resistant up to 1m

Falcon 157
Wavelength 1.57 µm 
Energy 5 mJ
Repetition rate Up to 40 Hz
Pulse width < 4 ns
Divergence < 6 mrad
Beam diameter  1.2 mm
Energy shot to shot stability < 2.5 % (rms)


Operation mode Burst / Continuous



Quantel Falcon Datasheet


This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Ranging
  • Sensing
  • LIBS
  • Spectroscopy
  • Biotechnology


This product is manufactured by Quantel.

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