PulseSelect Pulse Picker

PulseSelect Pulse Picker

The APE PulseSelect is the tool of choice for pulse picking from trains of pulses from ultrafast laser systems.

Developed for the specific needs of femtosecond and picosecond technologies. Low dispersion and exclusive use of reflective optics minimize the distortion of pulses. The acoustooptical selection allows for high contrast without using further optical elements.

Now available: The PulseSelect Dual, with a two-stage pair of synchronised AOMs either in series or parallel. The pair of AOMs in series offer increased contrast ratios of >6000:1 for adjacent pulses. In parallel, the pair of AOMs offer simultaneous picking of a dual-wavelength laser source (e.g. of both fundamental and SHG pulses.

Ideal for use with any ultrafast lasers and OPOs from Light Conversion, APE and Menlo Systems.


  • Reduction in repetition rate of modelocked lasers
  • Suitable for wavelengths 500-1600nm
  • Low dispersion
  • Suitable for fs or ps modelocked lasers
  • Division ratio down to half fundamental
  • Ideal for any commercial ultrafast laser system
  • Single Shot functionality with external triggering



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • CARS
  • Two photon microscopy
  • Spectroscopy


This product is manufactured by APE GmbH.

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