NKT Photonics Koheras BOOSTIK 1.5micron line card amplifier module

The Koheras BOOSTIK is a compact fiber amplifier module designed for NKT Photonics' low-noise, narrow-linewidth Koheras seed lasers and is available for the 1.5-micron wavelength range. The amplifier module is designed as a line card for the Koheras ACOUSTIK multi-wavelength system which also supports the Koheras BASIK seed lasers.

The Koheras BOOSTIK fiber amplifier extends the output power of the Koheras BASIK seed laser while preserving the ultra-low noise and narrow linewidth operation.

Designed to preserve the ultra-low phase noise and low RIN of the Koheras seed lasers it is the ideal choice for noise-sensitive applications in high precision metrology, laser cooling, quantum physics and sensing, and various scientific applications. The amplifier is designed for operation in the 1545-1565 nm range. It is fully compatible with the BASIK E15 and C15 seed laser models and has an optical output power up to 2 W


  • 1545-1565nm operation range
  • Designed for narrow linewidth operation
  • Up to 2 W output
  • Plug and Play
  • Robust and maintenance-free
  • Multi-channel system or stand-alone

The amplifiers are designed as compact line cards for the Koheras ACOUSTIK multi-wavelength system seeded by our range of ultra-low phase noise single-frequency lasers: E15, X15, and C15. This offers high flexibility and freedom to choose the specific wavelengths and power levels required for each individual user application. Laser and amplifier wavelengths can be changed to accommodate the system to future user needs which makes the system highly versatile and upgradeable. The amplifier module occupies two slots in the Koheras ACOUSTIK system.


Koheras BoostiK linecard amplifier datasheet


This product is manufactured by NKT Photonics.

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