Optical Amplifier MOA/MSA

Analog AOM Driver

The MSA seeded amplifier uses the unique inherently self-aligned MOGLabs cateye laser with its very low frequency drift and industry-leading passive linewidth.

MOGLabs provides a wide variety of options for high-power laser-light generation using tapered amplifiers across a wide range of wavelengths. Systems can be constructed either with an integrated seed laser (MSA series) or using an external seed (MOA series) and provide up to 4W of optical output.

The design features wire-cut flexure mounts for the input and output coupling lenses, which provide outstanding passive stability. Furthermore, this provides easy realignment if the TA chip needs replacement after reaching end-of-life.

Options include:

  • Multiple stage optical isolation
  • Single-mode output fibre coupling
  • Dual beam output (free-space or fibre-coupled)
  • Enhanced ASE suppression using our proprietary ultra-narrow 0.2nm bandpass filter technology
  • Integrated beam-shaping to reduce profile ellipticity
  • Reduced mechanical footprint designs (MOAS/MOAL) for systems using an external seed laser


  • Wavelength 645nm – 1080nm
  • Output power up to 4W, depending on wavelength
  • High stability wire-cut flexure alignment with simple optimisation procedure
  • User-replaceable TA diode
  • Astigmatic correction lens


Optical Amplifier MOA/MSA


This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Laser cooling and trapping
  • Bose-Einstein condensation and dipole trapping
  • Rydberg excitation
  • Photoionisation
  • Time and frequency standards
  • Laser spectroscopy


This product is manufactured by MOGLabs.

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