LDL Littrow "desmo" Laser

Our new Littrow configuration extended cavity diode laser with monoblock chassis, the linewidth is routinely below 200kHz and can easily achieve sub-100kHz.

We call it the "desmo" because there are no springs, it's direct drive like the desmodromic drive in a Ducati motorbike. No coil springs, no flexures to vibrate. Machined from a solid block of aluminium alloy, this laser is compact, robust and stable. Precise, repeatable vertical alignment and grating rotation are decoupled to allow tuning the wavelength by tens of nanometres through the diode gain curve without realigning. All LDL lasers are hermetically sealed to reduce the effects of external air pressure variations.


  • Vibrationally inert
  • Passive stability
  • Wide tuning range 
  • Decoupled grating rotation and tilt 
  • Wide mode-hop free scan range 
  • Narrow linewidth 
  • Fast piezo feedback 
  • Precision alignment controls 
  • High bandwidth low latency modulation 
  • Diode protection circuit and relay 
  • Low frequency noise


LDL Datasheet


This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Laser cooling and trapping 
  • Bose-Einstein condensation 
  • Quantum optics: squeezed light 
  • Electromagnetic transparency and slow light 
  • Time and frequency standards 
  • Laser spectroscopy 
  • Physics teaching labs


This product is manufactured by MOGLabs.

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LDL Littrow "desmo" Laser

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