Cateye Diode Laser CEL/CEF

The MOGLabs cateye diode laser offers a new twist in external cavity diode lasers. A cateye reflector and ultranarrow filter replace the alignment-sensitive diffraction grating of conventional Littrow and Litman-Metcalf designs.

The CEL is robust, stable, acoustically inert and it is inherently self-aligning so you can tune tens of nanometres without having to realign. In combination with MOGLabs electronics, the linewidth can be well below 100 kHz. Many laser diode wavelengths are available, for example 520nm, 633-639nm, 657nm, 671nm, 679nm, 689nm, 698nm,707/707nm, 729nm, 759nm, 767nm, 770-820nm, 820-895nm, 920-935nm, 960nm, 1010-1016nm, 1033nm, 1092nm, 1120nm, 1550nm, 1612nm at powers up to 200mW extra‚Äźcavity.

Enjoy the rock-solid stability normally expected only from DFB and DBR diodes – but with wide-range tunability, order-of-magnitude smaller linewidth, broader range of wavelengths, much lower sensitivity to optical feedback – and much lower diode cost.


  • Cateye filter design
  • Fast piezo feedback
  • Precision wavelength adjustment
  • High bandwidth direct modulation
  • Microwave RF modulation
  • Diode protection circuit and relay
  • Acoustically inert and passively stable
  • Narrow linewidth
  • Low frequency-noise
  • Self-aligning
  • High feedback bandwidth
  • Use with MOGLabs external cavity diode laser controller, or your existing commercial or home-made electronic


CEL Cateye diode laser

CEF Extended cateye diode laser

CEF extended cateye diode laser

The MOGLabs cateye diode laser is also available in an extended chassis which allows internal mounting of a Faraday isolator, and single-mode fibre coupling. Fibre coupling is extremely simple and stable using two mirrors (or one mirror and PBS beamsplitter cube, for access to a second beam for frequency stabilisation). We typically use Schafter Kirchhoff couplers as shown but can also use Thorlabs FiberPort adapters. Coupling efficiency is over 70% with near infra-red diodes.


This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Laser cooling and trapping
  • Bose-Einstein condensation
  • Quantum optics: pump-probe
  • Electromagnetic transparency and slow light
  • Time and frequency standards
  • Laser spectroscopy
  • Physics teaching labs


This product is manufactured by MOGLabs.

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