The Quartet - Multi Purpose Receiver

Laser-based interferometer from Sound and Bright, suitable for a wide range of applications, it offers high sensitivity, requires low to no maintenance, can be fitted with a variety of laser wavelengths, and is capable of rapid scans and measurements.

This multi-purpose laser receiver is suited for a wide range of acoustic and ultrasonic applications from the laboratory to the factory and available in the visible or infrared. Based on our patented multi-channel random quadrature detection technology, the system is designed for remote detection of sub-nanometer displacements. 


Robust & Versatile

Because the technology does not require control over the length of the optical path within the system, the Quartet is not subject to stability issues common to most long cavity and path-stabilised interferometers. It does not require high accuracy optical components or positioning, making it exceptionally rugged.

Fiberised Optical Head

A relatively small and versatile fiberized optical head is easily mounted to fit a variety of measurement conditions and can be set-up for a wide-range of stand-off distances. Its front lens can be easily changed or replaced if necessary.

Measurement Precision

The Quartet produces an analog signal that is proportional to surface displacement.

High Sensitivity on all Surface Types and Materials

Thanks to its multiple detectors and high transmission optics, the Quartet accomplishes efficient light collection and thus, high sensitivity. This continues to be true when the system is fitted with a moderately powerful laser thanks to low noise detectors and electronics. By detecting and processing many speckle interference signals, the Quartet achieves a stable demodulated signal even when processing a highly speckled beam. This means that it can perform measurements on any kind of surface, including rough, porous, rusted or mirror-like surfaces.

Inspection on Rapidly Moving Objects

Streamlined electronic processing allows the Quartet to perform single shot measurements on fast-moving objects, at speeds up to meters per second.

Not Wavelength Dependent

The Quartet can be fitted with a range of internal laser wavelengths ranging from visible to infrared.

Signal Indicators

Incorporated within the system are visual and audible signal indicators designed to help the user optimize their measurement setup. The Quartet also includes an internal calibration signal allowing for a calibrated output at 100mV per nanometer of displacement.


  • Technology: Multi Channel Random Quadrature
  • Detection: Out-Of-Plane
  • Configuration: Optical Fiber
  • Internal Laser power: Up to 3W
  • NESD (out-of-plane motion): 2.10-6 nm/Hz1/2
  • Detection bandwidth: Up to 100MHz
  • Dimensions: 160 x 300 x 330 mm3
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Electrical requirements: 110V / 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz


This product is manufactured by Sound and Bright.

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