TZcam Terahertz Camera

The high-definition TZcam terahertz camera from i2S is the most sensitive on the market. Highly versatile, with a wide range of applications including research, nondestructive tests, agronomics and biomedicine.

Terahertz innovative imaging technology from i2S paves the way to non-destructive testing of advanced materials used in various industries and for industrial quality control. THz non-hazardous imaging technology reveals previously invisible defects inside the subject matter.

The i2S non-contact THz penetrating imaging system can detect manufacturing defects or imperfections inside parts during production, in real-time, by seeing through the materials.

Two different models are available to suit your budget and technical demands, the TZcam Premium and TZcam First.


Specifications TZcam Premium TZcam First
Sensitivity From 20 pW per pixel From 30 pW per pixel
Spectral range 0.1 -5 THz
Sensor 320 x 240 pixels
Pixel size 50 µm
Frame rate 25 Hz
Depth raw data 16 bits
Supply voltage USB 3.0
Dimensions 119 mm (W) X 126 mm (H) X 63 mm (D)
Weight camera 840 g / objective lens 240 g
Magnification 0.25X at 200 mm
Focal length 50 mm
Aperture F/0.8
Field of view 64 x 48 mm




This product could be used for the following applications:

  • THz imaging technology is ideal for industries needing to inspect materials such as plastic, ceramic, composites, polymers, wood, cardboard and paper, textile fibers and leather.
  • The TZcam is also essential for any Laboratory or R&D institutions that carries out research in the field of THz waves and explores THz potential in various applications in medical imaging, oncology, etc.
  • Additionally, a wide range of coverage (0.3 THz to 5 THz)combined with an unrivalled bolometric sensor sensitivity makes the TZcam camera a perfect tool for visualisation/qualification of your terahertz laser source.


This product is manufactured by i2S.

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TZcam Terahertz Camera

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