NKT Photonics' Koheras HARMONIK Frequency-doubled, <200Hz linewidth, up to 7W at 780nm

Continuous wave, single frequency, narrow linewidth fiber laser with dual wavelengths at 780nm & 1.5µm, power up to 7W and optional output power modulation.


  • Factory set second harmonic wavelength between 775 to 780nm
  • Dual wavelength 780nm and residual 1.5µm
  • Power up to 7W at 780nm, up to 3W at residual 1.5µm
  • Optional output power modulation


Product Description

The HARMONIK system is a high-power frequency-doubled laser system consisting of the BoostiK high power, low-noise Koheras fiber laser platform, in combination with NKT's new frequency converter module, HARMONIK.

Depending on your need, choose from two HARMONIK systems, the C7 or the E7.

The C7 has an exceptionally low relative intensity noise: A RIN level of -140dBc/Hz at 10MHz.

The E7 has a narrow linewidth and very low phase noise: A line- width of <0.2kHz and a phase noise of -87dB(rad/√Hz/m) at 10Hz.

For both systems, the standard output power goes up to 7W. If you need a higher output power, please contact us about custom power levels.

The excellent beam quality, M2<1.1, is suitable for cutting edge quantum physics projects such as quantum sensing and laser cooling and trapping, to mention a few.

As default, the HARMONIK systems come with free space output. If fiber coupling is needed, we can propose an efficient coupling via our unique polarization-maintaining single mode photonic crystal fiber that ensures high-power delivery.

The BOOSTIK system is delivered in a turn-key 19″ rack system and the HARMONIK is a table top module.


This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Quantum sensing
  • Laser cooling


This product is manufactured by NKT Photonics.

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