3DOptix Optical Functions Telescope Standard Lens

Optical telescope configurations provide the ability to magnify the apparent angular size of objects.

Telescope configurations are heavily used in optics and come in various configurations including two lenses or two curved mirrors. The ratio and the distance between the focal lengths of those lenses or curved mirrors determine the angular magnification of the input beam. Common configurations include the Newton telescope configuration, curved mirror based on axis configurations and off-axis parabolic mirror based telescopes. As those configurations are sensitive to the positioning of the lenses and the curved mirrors in relation to the optical axis as well as in relation to each other, the alignment of such apparatus is quite tedious. It becomes even more difficult when broadband sources are being used.

3DOptix BreadBox™ platform with its modular and versatile optomechanical mounts and adaptors offers an easy and modular way to perform telescope configurations both with the uses of lenses and with curved mirrors. Due to its accurate registration of the 3DOptix building blocks and the fact that the light beam propagates along the same grid of the optomechanical elements, it is very simple to assemble the apparatus with minimal alignment procedures.


Assembly Video Still

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