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Nonlinear optics apparatus is used for converting one or two colors to another one via a nonlinear interaction.

The most common processes of three-wave mixing are sum frequency generation (SFG), difference frequency generation (DFG) and second harmonic generation (SHG), where the output optical frequency is the sum or difference of the input optical frequencies. The Nonlinear optics apparatus alignment process is sometimes quite tedious since the configurations are very sensitive to the input beams physical location and require both spatial and temporal overlap in order to achieve the desired nonlinear optical conversion. The positioning of lenses and curved mirrors in relation to the optical axis as well as in relation to each other poses further challenges as well. Moreover, it becomes even more difficult when broadband sources are being used.

3DOptix BreadBox™ platform with its modular and versatile optomechanical mounts and adaptors offers an easy and modular way to perform nonlinear optical configurations. Due to its accurate registration of the 3DOptix building blocks and the fact that the light beam propagates along the same grid of the optomechanical elements, it is very simple to assemble the apparatus with minimal alignment procedures. We provide two families of common solutions: co-linear nonlinear optical generation apparatus that is achieved without focusing elements and a non-collinear nonlinear optical generation apparatus that is achieved by lenses or parabolic mirrors focusing elements.


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