3DOptic Optical Functions Multiple Pulses Apparatus

The multiple pulses apparatus reference design is part of the 3DOptix time-resolved spectroscopy reference designs.

The apparatus enables a wide range of accurate and modular ways to measure and resolve ultrafast processes in atomic, molecular and condensed matter systems using ultrafast laser systems. The design provides the capability to perform multi-dimensional spectroscopies and can serve as a basis for multiphoton imaging systems.
The multiple pulse-sequences configurations apparatus can be used for multiple pump probes experiments and multiphoton nonlinear spectroscopy, such as 2D spectroscopy.

The multiple pump probe technique is a widely used ultrafast spectroscopy method allowing the study of ultrafast dynamics of light-matter interactions. This method uses two and more light pulses, typically of different wavelengths and intensities, which are spatially overlapped with high precision and whose relative time delay is controlled with a delay line capable of micrometric translation. The nominal paths taken by the pump and the probe need to be determined to an extremely high degree of accuracy. The optomechanical requirements for such setups are high and the alignment is tedious and demanding.

3DOptix multiple pulses apparatus reference design allows the user to build multiple pump probe configurations in record time with minimal alignment necessary. The reference designs are based on the BreadBox™ platform and its modular and versatile optomechanical mounts and adaptors. 3DOptix devices are modular robust and can be easily reconfigured. Once the reference designs are assembled they can be moved around as a unit while maintaining the accuracy of the device.


Assembly Video Still

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This product is manufactured by 3DOptix.

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