3DOptix Optical Functions Two-Colour/Broadband Pump Probe

The pump probe technique is a widely used ultrafast spectroscopy method allowing to study the ultrafast dynamics of light-matter interactions.

This method uses two light pulses, typically of different wavelengths and intensities, which are spatially overlapped with high precision and whose relative time delay is controlled with a delay line capable of micrometric translation. The nominal paths taken by the pump and the probe need to be equal to an extremely high degree of accuracy. The optomechanical requirements for such setups are therefore very high and the alignment is very tedious and demanding.

The 3DOptix breadbox-based pump probe reference design removes all of these hurdles from the equation, allowing the user to build a pump-probe setup in record time with minimal alignment necessary. This way, you can focus on the experiment itself and its results rather than spending valuable time and resources on setting things up.



Two-Colour/Broadband Pump Probe Video Still


This product is manufactured by 3DOptix.

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