Sciencetech Custom Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR)

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Project: Fourier Transform Spectrometers

Sciencetech is proud to have been involved with a custom project for the Eurpoean Space Agency (ESA) for their Planck/Herschel Satellite projects. These devices were used to calibrate the detectors on the system for measuring the Cosmic Microwave Background. The mission required two customized FTIRs, called the SFTS and the CFTS ("Standard FTS" and "Custom FTS", although both customized), which involved large upgrades to the systems.

These upgrades included higher resolution, clean room assembly, larger optics, and numerous software and electronics modifications. The missions were both outstanding successes, and ESA has provided testimonials for the flawless operation of the two FTIRs Sciencetech provided to the researchers.


This product is manufactured by Sciencetech Inc.

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