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Project: Highly Collimated Solar Simulator

The customer presented Sciencetech with a multi-faceted design challenge. How do you make a highly uniform and intense light source with a large target area, specific spectral match and a divergence angle approaching that of the sun?

Using their expertise in optical modeling and years of experience building xenon short arc lamp-based light sources and solar simulators, Sciencetech took up the challenge.

Project: Solar Radiation

Following IEC: 62217 B.3.2 of stress testing high voltage insulators Sciencetech was sourced to design a solar simulator for irradiation provided by a xenon arc lamp with a nominal output of 6500w and equipped with boron silicate glass filters. The distance between the xenon lamp and test specimens is approximately 480mm.

This solar simulator had to withstand harsh environments of continuous testing with artificial rain containing salt as well as a temperature cycling from low temperatures up to 50oC in 15 minutes.

Project: Highly Collimated Flash Solar Simulator

Sciencetech engineers produced a custom collimated flash solar simulator system for a customer requiring a flash system for testing a novel concentrated photovoltaics (CPV) panel.

The CPV panel used a triple junction cell which required better than class A spectral matching over a 400nm-1800nm spectral range, as well as an extremely high level of collimation over a very large target (up to 2x2m).

Project: Custom Solar Simulator for Vacuum Environment

Sciencetech produced a custom solar simulator to EADS Astrium Satellites in 2013. The custom solar simulator is used in a vacuum environment to represent the solar flux in the entrance cavity for a space-borne telescope.


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