New Scale Technologies M3-LS Linear Smart Stages

World’s only all-in-one micro stage has embedded drive electronics for smallest size and unmatched ease of use in original equipment manufacture (OEM) systems.

The M3-LS Linear Smart Stage is a direct-drive, high-precision micro stage with built-in controller. It is designed for fast, simple integration into miniature OEM systems.

This “smart stage” has all drive electronics integrated right into the compact stage housing – no external board needed! It offers unmatched precision, stability and ease of use.

Available in 6mm and 15mm.

M3-LS developer kits are available for purchase from our webshop.


  • Integrated smart module: no separate electronics – USB, I2C or SPI interface
  • Small size: from 29x20x10mm to 32x32x11mm including controller
  • High resolution: 0.5µm
  • Long stroke: 6mm or 15mm
  • Absolute encoding: no homing needed
  • Low voltage, low power use
  • High repeatability and low runout
  • Quiet



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Create miniature microscopes and spectroscopy instruments
  • Miniaturize systems for micro assembly and biomedical probing or sampling
  • Use in high resolution tuning systems, targeting systems and UAV/UGV controls and optics
  • Develop miniature camera systems and more


This product is manufactured by New Scale Technologies.

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