Wide Field FLIM System

The Becker and Hickl (B&H) wide field fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) system is based on the multidimensional time correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) technique.

The wide field FLIM system works with Zeiss, Nikon and Olympus inverted microscopes. It has a position sensitive detector with delay line readout. Excitation is by a picosecond diode laser and the excitation beam path is through an epifluorescence lamp port. The emission beam path is through the left side port. Excitation-emission splitting is by an ordinary beamsplitter cube.

The system control, data acquisition and data analysis is by B&H's specialist software.


  • Spatial resolution of detector approximately 250x250 pixels
  • Spatial resolution of TCSPC system 1024x1024 pixels
  • Instrument response function (IRF) width of detector 300ps
  • Temporal resolution of TCSPC system 1024 time channels



This product is manufactured by Becker and Hickl GmbH.

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