3DOptix Bundle Reference Designs

With 3DOptix™ frames and mounts, it is easy to build various machines with different functionalities using almost the same components. With a bundle reference design offer, you get the parts needed in order to assemble any one of several optical applications at the price of one.

Each bundle includes a specific selection of 3DOptix optomechnical elements to make your optical bench your own. You can create a three-dimensional grid on which to precisely place any optical element exactly where you need it.

The parts are robust and modular allowing you to build multi-leveled, three-dimensional structures on which to mount your optical elements.


  • Starter bundle
  • 4-in-1 interferometry, pump probe, autocorrelator bundle
  • Beam organizer and polarization rotation bundle
  • Rapid prototyping bundle



Michelson Interferometer

Mach-Zehender Interferometer

Broadband Pump Probe Ultraband

Intensity Autocorrelator


This product could be used for the following applications:

Custom optical bench configuration


This product is manufactured by 3DOptix.

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