3DOptix Optomechanical Components

This selection of optomechanical mounts from 3DOptix™ can hold off-the-shelf optical elements. They are extremely accurate, have minimum degrees of freedom, are mounted precisely using dowel pins and screws, and the optical elements are always centered exactly above the fixation locations.

The 3DOptix optomechanical mounts provide an accurate way to mount and align optical elements in both horizontal and vertical orientations. The mounts are designed for maximal precision by having the optical axis pass exactly through the center of the mirror while screws and dowel pins keep the mounts precisely fixed. The screws and dowel pins are compatible with the Breadbox™ platform and the mounts accommodate all commercial optical elements.

The 3DOptix optomechanics irises provide an accurate way to align optical elements of the 3DOptix BreadBox™ platform. The irises also provide a versatile platform for accurate alignment of other optical elements, such as lenses, mirrors, and filters as well as synchronization between various commercial optomechanical elements.

The 3DOptix optomechanics adaptors provide an accurate way to mount and align optical elements in both horizontal and vertical orientations on the 3DOptix BreadBox™ platform. They also provide flexible and tunable capabilities to synchronize between various commercial optomechanical elements as well as to synchronize between metric and imperial optical systems.


  • Mounts in triangular, square and dovetail configurations
  • Iris/apertures in dovetail and square configurations
  • Adaptors/base-rails



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This product could be used for the following applications:

Custom optical bench configuration


This product is manufactured by 3DOptix.

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