3DOptix Breadbox™ & Extendable Breadboards

This selection of frames from 3DOptix can be used to design and build any precise three-dimensional structure or optical bench. The Breadbox™ frames are assembled as lego-style building blocks and can hold 3DOptix™'s precise optomechanical mounts.

The 3DOptix Breadbox™ optomechanics family provides an accurate way to mount and align optical elements onto a 3D Breadbox platform. Using a lego-style approach, floors, walls, ceilings and extenders come together to create sturdy, easy-to-assemble, 3D structures with precisely spaced mounting locations and endless extension possibilities. These structures can be mounted onto the optical table or disconnected and moved around. Imagine a whole experimental setup moved about the lab without damaging the alignment.

The 3DOptix Breadbox™ platform is designed to accommodate standard optical element sizes (i.e. 0.5’’/1’’/1.5’’/2’’ inches or 12.5mm/25mm/37.5mm/50mm) and is compatible with any other commercial optical or optomechanical component.


  • Premium Breadbox™ in floor/ceiling, wall, wall extender and ultimate wall extender configurations
  • Extendable Breadboards in floor/ceiling and wall configurations
  • Translating Breadbox™ in floor/ceiling configuration



3DOptix Assembly

3DOptix Introduction


This product could be used for the following applications:

Custom optical bench configuration


This product is manufactured by 3DOptix.

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