GAM Laser EX50LN Line Narrowed Excimer Laser, 157 to 533nm, 0.3 to 4W

Pulsed excimer laser with tunable wavelengths from 157 to 533nm, power from 0.3 to 4W, energy from 4 to 25mJ, repetition rate from 125 to 1000kHz and pulsewidth from 14 to 18ns.


  • Pulsed
  • Wavelength 157 to 533nm
  • Power 0.3 to 4W
  • Energy 4 to 25mJ
  • Repetition rate 125 to 1000kHz
  • Pulsewidth 14 to 18ns
  • Tunable


Product Description

The EX56LN line narrowed excimer laser from GAM Laser, Inc. is an all metal/ceramic device and uses the most advanced design of any commercial excimer laser.

A free running excimer laser with a stable resonator produces a spectral output with a relatively wide bandwidth. The spectral output can be greatly narrowed by inserting wavelength dispersive optical elements into the laser cavity . The narrow band output can also be tuned over a region which is typically close to the free running bandwidth of the laser. Narrow band excimer lasers exhibit exceptional coherence properties.

The EX50LN is available in <1pm and <10pm versions and a number of repetition rate models. With up to 10mJ of narrow band energy at 248nm and 5mJ at 193nm. Higher energy output is available from an oscillator amplifier line narrowed system which produces up to 100mJ of highly line narrowed 248nm output.

  • Narrow linewidth in a single tabletop package
  • High spectral intensity
  • Optional ultra-narrow 0.08pm linewidth
  • Tunable deep ultra violet (UV) source
  • Available oscillator amplified line narrowed systems


This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Spectroscopy
  • Semiconductor metrology
  • Optical testing


This product is manufactured by GAM Laser, Inc..

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