Small Area Workstations

Sciencetech offers complete benchtop solar simulator systems in the SL series lens based designs. SL series solar simulators can produce 1 sun or more (with an AM filter) and are available in class A or B uniformity. The target size varies by model number.

The SL series of solar simulators provide an AM1.5G match and is an excellent choice when collimation and significant ultraviolet light are not needed.

The SL series of solar simulators feature a convenient benchtop configuration with included automatic shutter, beam turner for vertical beam orientation, and 2-position filter holder. The system includes RS232 controllability and software for exposure control.

Air mass filters are available and sold separately.

Small Area Workstations

  • SL-38A-WS Class A Solar Simulator Work Station 38x38mm Target Size 
  • SL-50A-WS Class A Solar Simulator Work Station 50x50mm Target Size
  • SL-60A-WS Class A Solar Simulator Work Station 60x60mm Target Size


  • Complete design
  • Up to class AAA specification
  • Touchscreen power supply
  • Interface included
  • Lamp life timer
  • Turn key operation
  • Electronic shutter included
  • Adjustable height sample stage
  • Multiple optional accessories



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Photovoltaic testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Display inspection


This product is manufactured by Sciencetech Inc.

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