Highly Collimated Solar Simulators

This solar simulator is based on a Fresnel lens to collimate the light beam from the arc lamp source to infinity, which results in highly collimated illumination of the target spot.

A 3.0kW xenon ozone free lamp is used as the light source. The spectral distribution of the xenon light source, along with the use of specially calibrated AirMass filters, closely simulates the sun’s true spectral distribution in various conditions on Earth.

Highly Collimated Solar Simulators


  • Xenon short arc lamp
  • High collimation
  • Proprietary optical system
  • Large area illumination
  • Class ABA
  • A variety of available filters
  • Advanced lamp alignment
  • Adaptable framework
  • Integrated power supply
  • Simple operation



Sciencetech Highly Collimated Solar Simulators Video


This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Photovoltaic testing
  • Concentrated photovoltaic systems
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Ultraviolet exposure related testing


This product is manufactured by Sciencetech Inc.

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