Deuterium Arc Lamp Sources

Sciencetech's specialised arc light sources include deuterium lamps and dual source deuterium and quartz tungsten halogen (QTH) light sources.

Models available

201-100-D - Allows for a vertically mounted 30W deuterium lamp. Such lamps produce a strong broadband ultraviolet (UV) output from 185-400nm despite its low wattage. The unit is forced air-cooled with a blower at the base that draws air from the top intake to the bottom of the housing. The lamp socket is mounted vertically on alignment pins such that the lamp’s filament can be properly centered on the front light exit port for optimum light output efficiency. The front light exit port includes one 1” fused silica collimating lens to output parallel rays. The lamp and external power supply are sold separately.

QTH-D2-50 - Consists of a separate 30W deuterium light source and a 50W quartz tungsten halogen (QTH) light source in one optical assembly. The deuterium source and the QTH source operate simultaneously and a cold mirror is used to combine the 2 beams into a single beam. The system has a 1" output (with the combined light) with fused silica lenses. This product includes two stabilized power supplies (to operate the two bulbs), UV to infrared (IR) transmissive optics, the housing itself and reflective/refractive optics for UV to IR transmission.

QTH-D2-100 - A higher powered version of QTH-D2-50 with a 100W quartz tungsten halogen light source.


This product is manufactured by Sciencetech Inc.

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