SC-12 General Purpose Light Tight Sample Chamber

The SC-12 is a general purpose sample chamber that can be configured in multiple ways to address a number of application requirements. The SC-12 includes 4 optical ports (on three sides and one on the top) as well as a side door for easy access to the sample area.

Three of the side walls feature optical ports with a Sciencetech standard B4 hole pattern as well as removable anodized access panels that can be machined to accommodate most types of feedthroughs including electrical, liquid and gas.

The SC-12 can be configured for spectroscopy applications such as diffuse reflection and transmission spectroscopy, or as a light tight reaction chamber for photoelectrolysis research. The 2.2" diameter opening on the top port of the sample chamber is designed to mate to Sciencetech's line of lens based solar simulators such as the SF or SLB series simulators, the Solar LightLine solar simulator, as well as Sciencetech's line of 201-100 lamp houses.

The base of the sample chamber is an imperial optical breadboard with 1/4-20 tapped holes. We also offer metric version of this model SC-12-M.

The SC-12 is 311x311x219mm with internal dimensions of approximately 298 x 298 x 200mm. Side inputs have a 3" optical height which can be increased using the included baseplate and levelling feet. The baseplate is 355x355x6.3mm.

The standard system does not come with a sample holder. See the product literature for more information on how to configure the sample chamber.

Options (not included)

  • Valved water inlet and outlet ports
  • Push to connect hose feedthrough (standard for Sciencetech vacuum chucks)
  • AC power entry module
  • Binding posts for electrical feedthrough
  • Gas inlet and outlet ports (6mm Swagelok)
  • Height adjustable sample tray
  • Temperature controlled sample platform


  • Exterior Length 311mm
  • Exterior Width 311mm
  • Exterior Height 219mm
  • Interior Length 298mm
  • Interior Width 298mm
  • Interior Height 200mm
  • Side Ports 3
  • Top Ports 1


  • Large variety of sample and beam accessories
  • Customisable and adaptable
  • Light tight
  • Modular design



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Flourescence spectroscopy
  • Diffuse reflectance and transmission
  • Spectroscopy measurements
  • Dual beam spectroscopy
  • Photometry
  • Raman spectroscopy


This product is manufactured by Sciencetech Inc.

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