SC-1 Compact Sample Chamber

The SC-1 sample chamber from Sciencetech has one input port and two output ports. One of the output ports is 90° relative to the input port, allowing it to be used in fluorescence-type applications.

The other output port is directly across from the input port, allowing it to be used for transmission measurements and applications. The lid of the sample chamber can be removed, exposing the inbuilt cuvette holder inside. This cuvette holder holds one 10×10mm cuvette. Optionally, the cuvette holder can be upgraded to a thin film holder capable of mounting 20×20mm samples. Please contact us to determine if the thin film holder will be sufficient for your particular application. The sample chamber dimensions are 205×128×154mm (8"×5"×6").

Please note that this sample chamber does not include any inbuilt optics for focusing and defocusing light onto the sample, as the light beam through the chamber is anticipated to be collimated. Such focusing and defocusing optics are part of the optical coupling tubes that connect the sample chamber to various external components, such as to a light source or monochromator.


This product is manufactured by Sciencetech Inc.

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