Femto 3D ATLAS Two-Photon Microscope

Femto 3D Atlas

The FEMTO3D Atlas combines high-tech science and engineering in 3D measurements. It implements and goes beyond the traditional galvo and resonant scanner-based imaging functions and combines them with a unique fast 3D imaging feature based on acousto-optic technology. The FEMTO3D Atlas enables its users to scan neuronal, dendritic, or other biological processes in 3D, up to a million times faster than classical scanning methods, at a preserved two-photon resolution

The novel features of the FEMTO3D Atlas are the electrically tunable acousto-optic deflectors (AODs) which are responsible for the X, Y, and Z focusing (acousto-optic or AO technology). These deflectors do not contain scanning mirrors or any other slowly moving mechanical components, so the positioning of the focal spot is fast, flexible, stable (<100nm precision) and independent of the travelling distance. This positioning freedom results an extremely high scanning speed, up to 30 kHz at any 3D location in a cubic millimeter volume under the objective.


  • 3D acousto-optical scan head
  • 3D imaging extension for any existing microscopes and individual systems
  • Simultaneous read out of neural activity on both the somatic and dendritic scales
  • Increased measurement speed and signal-to-noise ratio by several orders of magnitude
  • 3D Network imaging of over 2000 soma distributed in 3D
  • Imaging of dendritic branches through layers
  • Simultaneous imaging of over thousands of spines
  • Unique, flexible scanning methods supporting in vivo and in vitro measurements
  • In vivo 3D motion correction by specialized scanning patterns
  • High-speed 3D random-access ROI scanning: scanning speed up to 30 kHz to any points in 3D
  • High-speed raster scanning: 40 fps at 510×510, and even 3000 fps at reduced FOV
  • Improved excitation efficiency for large 3D scanning volume with GECIs
  • Automatic wavelength tuning between 750 – 1050 nm
  • Functional imaging correlated with electrophysiological data
  • Calcium imaging during behavior
  • 3D random-access photo stimulation for optogenetics

3D ROI Scanning

Using the AO technology in combination with Femtonics' easy-to-use data acquisition software package provides maximal flexibility in fast selection of 3D ROIs with various shapes and sizes such as points, trajectories, squares, etc. with measurement speed up to 30 kHz.

3D Anti-Motion

The novel 3D scanning methods of the FEMTO3D Atlas microscope collect all fluorescence information from the regions of ROIs during 3D measurements in the brain of behaving, moving animals that are performing tasks in virtual reality. To preserve fluorescent signals during movement, scanning points are extended in 3D to planar or volume elements, always enclosing the target object (Szalay et al 2016, Neuron). A 10–1,000 Hz sampling rate, necessary to resolve neural activity at the individual ROIs, is maintained. Therefore, our technology allows for in vivo motion artefact correction on a fine spatial scale.



This product is manufactured by Femtonics - Advanced Microscopy.

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