Femtonics Piezo Objective Positioner for Two-Photon Microscopes

Femtonics Piezo Objective Positioner kit enables the microscope to change the focal point by mechanically moving the objective. With this module, the microscope is able to collect signals from different depths fast enough to resolve biological activity in 3D samples.

Two types of piezo are available; high speed piezo specialized for large scanning volumes moves the objective in a 400 µm travel range with up to 30 Hz speed, and the faster one moves it in 100 µm volume with up to 100 Hz (the refresh rate depends on the scanning volume and the size of the objective).

The Piezo Objective Positioner can be equipped to all members of the FEMTOSmart product line (FEMTOSmart-Galvo, FEMTOSmart-Resonant and FEMTOSmart-Dual) and enables the following advanced scanning modes;

  • 3D trajectory
  • 3D stripe
  • 3D arbitrary frame
  • 3D volume - frame by frame or continuous ramping


  • Positions objectives in the Z direction with nm resolution
  • Traveling range 100 or 400 µm (depends of the piezo’s type)
  • Up to 100 Hz frequency in resonant mode
  • Millisecond step-and-settle
  • Any types of objectives can be attached
  • No influence on the optical path



This product is manufactured by Femtonics - Advanced Microscopy.

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